Jung von Matt "Driving Home for Christmas"

2 creative directors on christmas mission!

Chris Rea was right, everyone drives home for christmas. So what about 2 creative directors who drive you home for christmas? In a luxury car. On christmas eve. We did it. And we won all the hearts in the business.

Driving Home for Christmas. Quelle: horizont.net

Quelle: horizont.net

Do you remember the early days of your career when you had no money? On christmas you took the train home with a million other people or you ended up freezing in a bus for hours on the long way home to your parents.

So me and my teammate created a social event for all the young interns in advertising agencies. As creative directors we drive you home for christmas. And we did. Jean-Remy von Matt gave us a Mercedes S-Class. The rest was fun and a nice Social Story on Facebook. True story.

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