Hi, I'm Andres


When you're reading this, chances are good you're working in advertising. So hey, me too. But first things first. I started as a copywriter. I worked in germany's top agencies. I became creative director at Jung von Matt/Alster in Hamburg. I worked for big budget clients, traveled around the world and we won awards. But I always wanted a bit more.

 So with my teammate at JVM we created a creative digital cell within the agency. We did innovative ideas, business solutions, we thought about how to turn data into ideas and we thought about how to turn advertising into something really useful. Did we had fun? Oh yes. Is it time for something new? It is.


Andres Blumenthal
Date of birth
30. November 1976
Place of birth
Rostock, East Germany

Wegedornstraße 260, 12524 Berlin
+49 1742184801

Creative professional with expertise in creating and developing ideas for national and international clients. Conceptual thinking in multichannel campaigns for clients like VODAFONE, BMW, KIA, MERCEDES. Developing Content Strategies, TVCs, Print Ads, Radio Commercials, Web Specials, SocialMedia Campaigns for clients. Creating Business Solutions.


Manage and motivate creative teams to successful results.
Have prepared and written a lot of Advertising documents, Press releases and presentations.
Apply innovative marketing and advertising strategies.

Work History
2003 - 2005

Intern and Junior Copywriter at Springer & Jacoby, Hamburg.
(Clients: Mercedes Benz, Smart, Coca-Cola)

2005 - 2007
Junior/ Copywriter at KSB/SJ, Zurich
(Clients: COOP, Maurice Lacroix, Volkswagen)

2007 - 2009
Copywriter at HEIMAT, Berlin
(Clients: Audi, Volksbanken Raiffeisenbanken, Hornbach)

2009 - 2011
Copywriter at DDB, Berlin
(Clients: Volkswagen, McDonalds)

2012 - 2014
Creative Director at Jung von Matt/Alster, Hamburg
(Clients: Vodafone, Sixt, Mercedes Benz, IWC, BMW, KIA)


2014 - 2016


Creative director Innovation/Digital at Jung von Matt/ Alster with own unit and clients


1983 - 1994

63. Polytechnische Oberschule Rostock/ Integrated School

Texterschmiede Hamburg

german (native)
english (fluent)
russian (a tiny little bit, but enough to impress people)